Getting Zermer

Own the full version of Zermer for $1.29.

Includes a tutorial file, lifetime access to newer versions, and full support: Comes with customizable keybindings!


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Disclaimer – Only For Windows

Zermer never connects to the internet. It does not ask you for any of your info. And if for whatever reason you feel like you experienced something “fishy” while using this macro please leave a public message in this sites about section.

19 thoughts on “Getting Zermer

  1. Can’t get it to work.. Have sc2 loaded, zermer is in the taskbar and flashes a red x every couple seconds. Also I can’t un-check “Script Paused”
    Any ideas?

  2. Just tried it. Lovely, won two games already…

    I would like to able to change wich hotkeys i put the queens and hatcherys on in coming versions. I mean the number one I allways use for zlings or something. Its in my spine now. Hard to change.

    Anywho, great application!


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